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Do you want a loan that is available in quick time? Yes, it is quite possible. Even if you do not have any security to offer, you can still get a loan. However, your monthly income should support the loan amount. Normally, lenders see your debt to income ratio for this purpose.

DTI ratio tells a lender that how much repayment capability you have got. This ratio is expressed in percentage points and if you have up to 20 per cent DTI ratio, it is considered good. It shows that out of your monthly income, only 20 per cent goes in meeting your loan obligations and that you have further capacity to repay loans.

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Personal loans are no collateral loans - you do not need to be a homeowner. The loan amount depends on your income, credit score, loan tenure, etc. These loans involve very few formalities and documentation, making them fast to get. You can apply for personal loans with high street banks, building societies, private lenders and on the Internet. Amongst all these avenues, the Internet is quite quick and advantageous. Your one application can solicit a huge response from different lenders.

Do you know credit score? If not, it is always a good idea to be aware of your credit score before applying for personal loans. You should remember that every time a lender checks your credit history from the credit reference agency, your score takes a dip. Therefore, you should avoid too many loan applications within a short period of time. More applications and refusals would harm your credit score.

To avoid frequent credit checks, you can apply online with some financial broker. It will ensure that your one application is forwarded to different lenders and you get personal loans [] at competitive rates. Thus, the Internet provides you an ample choice with all the convenience.

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