Home Loan Frauds

Are you SCAMMING your Malaysian home loan? Financial scams have been going on since forever. While we'll not be surprised to see Malaysia home loan frauds these days, there are many other fraudulent activities out there which we're not aware of. Getting to know how these criminals bang the table with their heads to obtain extra silvers in their pocket will not only help yourself reduce the risk of getting scammed, but also knock these fraudster's spirits back as they understand consumers these days are much smarter.

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But this is home loan scam is our main concern:You, yourself and You Certainly, when you're pinning down your details on a Malaysia real estate application, you might pin down little white lies. Read on about white home loan lies below. Your agent Your agent could be your worst enemy at times. Assuming you do not know much about real estate or property laws, your real estate agent might not advise you on why small white lies are absolutely not permitted, fill out the other half of the application for you. Both you and your loan officer All too often, your home loan officer could just suggest a way of turning things around while thinking that it's within the lending guidelines. Most of the time, no.

Malaysia Real Estate White Lies

A common mistake many people make is that they usually jot down simple white lies about them -- Which in the end get them into trouble because it's considered committing fraud. While many innocent victims fall into this trap because their home loan consultants/real estate agents/loan officers encourage them to do so without their knowledge or fail to advise them on the dangers, there can be a serious damage done.

Is it too difficult to follow the guidelines? Not really. Often, when you're not informative enough about a particular service or person, you tend to jump quickly into professional advice without checking its truthfulness. You know too well that these days, not only loan officers and credit card salesperson but your colleague would not always be truthful to you.

When these lies become LIVE on your sight (get caught), you're in big trouble. Even a small lie can have you:Asked for full payment on your loan/mortgage immediately. Pay six-figure-fines in total damages. Going to jail. Talking to the police already.
Before you fill up forms, always ensure that you're choosing the right home loan package, your Malaysia home loan search can help you find home loans from 26 banks nationwide, over 406 home loan packages. Check out WISE home loan calculator [http://www.fiscal-wise.com.my/FiscalWiseWeb/MalaysiaHomeLoanByWizard.aspx] now!

It's always important to know that you've searched for the correct home loan, ensure your repayment capabilities, prepared necessary documents, run a quick check on Malaysia home loan's advise on Frauds, get to know your loan officer/real estate agent better, understand the home loan package by using WISE home loan calculator, then approach your selected real estate agents or home loan consultants.

Nothing could be better than getting extensive first-hand home loan/mortgage information before you sign the deal. Stick with WISE to learn more about Malaysia home loan, Malaysia mortgages, real estate, property and financial consulting.

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