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Are you interested in finding a loan, but you know you have bad credit? Do you need to get a loan with bad credit and need it quick? There are options and with the way the economy has been the lenders need the business so they are willing to do loans with bad credit. Here is how to get your bad credit loan.

First, you need to consider how much you need and what you need it for. This is important because it is never good to borrow more money than you actually need. This is important because if you get in a bad habit of borrowing more than you need, then you will end up in a situation that is much worse than your current situation.

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Second, if you only need $500 - $1,500, then you can do a payday advance loan and you will be fine. These loans are very quick to get and usually are very easy to get. You will just need a source of income and a checking account. Other than that they usually don't have any other requirements. You can even get one of these loans within 24 hours if you need to.

Last, if you need more than $1,500 you can turn to Prosper. This is an online company that will allow you to get private parties to fund your loan up to $25,000. They accept all types of situations and because of the way the company is designed it is much easier to get the loan you need than going to a bank that will probably turn you down.

Loans with bad credit are not easy to get, but they are not impossible. Depending on how much money you need you can either get a payday advance loan or you can use Prosper to get a private party loan. Either way you will be able to get the loan you need and get out of whatever situation you are currently in.

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