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Sudden need for money sometimes makes people very helpless. Asking for advance salary is not a very good option as it mars good impression in the work place. Also friends and relatives cannot always help. There is no meaning in wandering aimlessly in such situations. It is always better to opt for cash advance loans which are usually approved on the same day of application.

Cash advance loans offer amounts in the range of £100-£1500 for the borrower's needs. The loan amount, however, depends on factors such as the monthly income and repayment ability of the borrower. These loans are unsecured in nature as no collateral is required for approval of these loans.

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Cash advance loans are short term loans having repayment duration in the range of 14 to 31 days. The due date is fixed keeping in view the next payday of the borrower. On the due date the loan amount is automatically deducted from the bank account. Loan term can be, however, extended by paying extra fees to the lender.

Borrowers have to fulfill certain conditions for getting cash advance loans. The conditions that require to be fulfilled are :

o regularly employment for the last 6 months.

o regular residence since last 3 months.

o a citizen of UK having age more than 18 years.

o a current bank account which is at least 6 month old.

Cash advance loans involve no paper work and faxing, which makes the processing faster. Also, absence of prior credit check makes these loans available to bad credit borrowers also.

Interest rates charged in cash advance loans is slightly higher than other loans. This is because of the unsecured and short term nature of the loan. But this can be countered through proper research of the loan market. Comparing the loan schemes of various lenders can lead to finding deals having lower interest rates.

Cash advance loans are also available online. The online mode is considered to be the best way of getting these loans as borrowers can assess various lenders, compare and select the deal that offers them low cost. Cash advance loans are thus an easy way to meet necessities like credit card repayment, grocery bills, electricity or gas bills, medical check ups, car repairs, urgent travel expenses and many other expenses.

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